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NatashaWe had a great time at the regional annual conference on the 12th November at the Yorkshire Air Museum.  Board member, Natasha Vermeulen, gives us a synopsis of the day.

The opening line really set the theme throughout the whole of the conference centering the success of the Northern Powerhouse around collaboration. A key term echoed around the construction industry through the adoption of BIM establishing the importance of disciplines supporting and working together. Even though each speaker had a slightly different case each stressed the importance of collaborative working to ensure realisation of a sustainable future for all.

Rachael Unsworth a geographer looked at connecting the dots, addressing how the North had adapted and changed over time and where we must look to gauge what will impact our future infrastructure. She stated the importance of assessing world politics and fuel prices when deciding upon changes and development. The focus surrounded people and their live, work environments and the provision for safe access routes for pedestrians and cyclists. To focus on real world problems and the importance of place making. We are to look at long term benefits when evaluating cost. Ensuring we connect people into job opportunities. We are to be innovative to ensure we enhance quality of life and well being. Our cities need to be cleaner, greener and better lit. Nature must be planned into cities to not only make our external spaces better places to be but help mop up pollution and reduce the heat island effect. More green space would make people stay. We need to create spaces that people want to live in.
There was a suggestion of the peoples transport fund. Whereby everyone can invest and in turn have a say on how their money should be spent. Other initiatives including free transport passes for the elderly. If they are not to be utilised to be offered to someone else in order to maximise benefits. Engaging with decision making and those involved being trained to understand futures thinking.

Download a copy of Rachael Unsworth’s presentation here

A copy of Ian McMillan’s poem can be found here

Rob Wolfe focused on talent and if we have the skills to deliver the infrastructure proposed. Employment opportunities would be made for local people in turn utilising local businesses and feeding the economy. We need to prepare those people through apprenticeships exploiting local business to drive skills and employment forward. Schools and businesses need to work together to support their own communities. We need to think about what skills are required for future technologies. Looking beyond the hard hat which is the face of what people understand construction to be. We need to demonstrate the innovation and thinking behind the scenes educating people about the jobs that are available or maybe not even thought about yet.

Download a copy of Rob Wolfe’s presentation here

A copy of Ian McMillan’s poem can be found here

Sakthy Selvakumaran focused on intelligent construction and the internet of things. Our pupils already being fluent in machine language and what effect this would have on future jobs and education. How as a generation if we donʼt see something we like we innovate. How the young will demand what they want and that we will have to react to that. Bio mechanical engineering demonstrating where innovation is currently at.  A future run by machines and robots where new skills, knowledge and understanding will be required to run and repair them. The need for people to interpret data and information will always be required.

Download a copy of Sakthy Selvakumaran’s presentation here

A copy of Ian McMillan’s poem can be found here

Damien Watkin focused on environmental impact from our industrial past and the clean up process behind the damaged landscapes formed by the processes that once took place there. In this thinking about how old impacts new infrastructure. What will new infrastructure require and in turn what will the outputs be and how will this impact on our future environment.

Download a copy of Damien Watkin’s presentation here

A copy of Ian McMillan’s poem can be found here

Stephen Taylor focused on the re-birth of old infrastructure. Donʼt forget about the ports he said. The idea of devolution of power to let the local community make the decision on how their futures be shaped.  Manchester already have strong leadership skills in place and have set the pace. Each of the Northern Powerhouses must match this pace to drive the future of the Northern Powerhouse forward, together not as individual entities. Cities must work together to support each other and not compete as they have done in the past. We need to look at European and global opportunity so that we utilise all of our facilities. We need to attract and retain talent to encourage private investment. Leadership and policy development are key in implementation but they must be explored and carefully developed as challenge presents itself when politics

interferes with economics. At present we are quite vulnerable we need to break from the norm and look to become more sustainable and economical through both innovation and collaboration.

Download a copy of Stephen Taylor’s presentation here

A copy of Ian McMillan’s poem can be found here

Communities must work together to support each other to deliver a sustainable future. Everyone has their role to play within the success of the Northern Powerhouse but one wonʼt achieve it by themselves. We need to learn to collaborate, share and explore ideas. Creating environments where people are happy, where innovation is inspired and where people understand that they themselves can make a difference to their future. The thought of hoovering up the past, cleaning up our cities and developing a sustainable future lies on the horizon. No one knows how we will get there but we all know change, innovation and collaboration is key to success.

The overall poem for the day can be found here, for which we thank our great delegates for their contribution to Ian’s poem.

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